G.O.B.'s South-West of the border Dawg

These are crazy dawgs I came up with when cleaning out my fridge (and had the munchies)...Ball park bun length dawgs with two slices of thick cut bacon you pull semi taught as you slightly over lap and wrap the ends.

I cranked up my Traeger to 450 and when the temp got to about 375 i hit them in, what even you do DO NOT TOUCH them until they are a golden brown which should only be about 20 minutes or so

Ya, like that

This is where the fun starts, put about two tablespoons of guacamole in the bun (top split are best for anything like this...stands better) and set the dawg deep in it

Top with Chili, I used my smoked brisket chili...also about 2 heaping tablespoons

top with a couple slices of cheese of choice, mines cheddar, and i like a nice sweet-hot seasoning (sorry, made my own here but the recipe should be in my lists soon)

throw back in the grill, now that shes hot as hell, to melt the cheese...and get ready for the craziest tastiest munchie you ever had...Enjoy

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