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G.O.B.'s Texas Twinkies with a twist


Ok, since Im just showing how its done i only have 5 peppers and a small slice of brisket (the rest of the point is going to be burnt ends in like half an hour). You want to slice the brisket into small pieces like little cubes


cube it up like so, this is also a good time to add seasonings if you choose, i just add to the cream cheese.


With the peppers, you cut the cap about 3/4 through leaving it like a hat and a slit down the middle of the pepper to open it up so you can clean it.


Once they are all cleaned, if im wrapping them with chicken tender I smoke them about 1/2 hour to soften them up a bit as the chicken wont them them have enough time to cook as you dont really want to cook the inners just heat it up.


Take your tenders and smash them out a little thinner then 1/4" thick


I do the mix very simple, just 1 tbsp +- and have a brick of cream cheese mixed real good.


add about 1 1/4 cup diced brisket and mix


fill the peppers with the mix and squeeze it good to make sure all that shit is in there good

This is where you can either do it my way with the chicken or traditional no chicken...what fun is that though...Wrap the chicken around the body of the pepper

I prefer thick cut bacon as it holds better and regular bacon tends to shrink too much when smoking.

SMoke them at about 275 for a good hour plus until good and golden and thats it. Do you see the color of the pepper how its much darker than before, thats what pre-smoking does as if i didnt do that the chicken wouldnt have let it cook, if your not wrapping with chicken you dont need to pre-cmoke.

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