G. O. B.'s Ultimate Gumbo


That's a big bowl of “AWESOMENESS”


And this is what you will need for that bowl of awesomeness (1lb chicken thighs were an option i opted out of...lol) you will also need a BIG pot, at least 8 qt., I have a 10 qt chicken fryer here.


1/2 the veggies are to be pulsed in a food processor and the others will be cut into 1/2" pieces for go in the pot.


cut up half the onion, half the red and green peppers and celery (about 4 stalks) as you see here and if you have one of those 1/4" choppers cut the rest and put them into the processor

Crush and chop well the garlic


Take the pound of bacon and cut it into three sections so your pieces look like this, render them down to a golden brown but not crispy and set aside saving the fat for the next step while the bacon is cooking i like to grill up the Andouille sausage to a golden color and slice in 1/2" pieces.


Add 1 stick of butter to the bacon fat and melt


Stir in the flour and continuously stir until it becomes a nice think mahogany color


Now, in the processor you have the veggies, add a big handful of shredded carrots, 2/3 of the bacon and the 6 crushed cloves of garlic


Pulse the veggies in the processor until they are the consistency of this


add the veggies to the roux and stir in well, make sure its all combined in


So, I didnt have a pic of it grilling but I grilled up the Andouille lightly while the bacon see here, and sliced it in 1/2" pieces as you see here I found a Hot andouille that i really like, this recipe has a good bite but not really hot just a light heat wave in the throat and gone...perfect with a beer...lol


Mix the Andouille and rest of the bacon in the pot with the roux-veggie mix

Add all the seasonings but the +1 seasonings as those are for later