Spicy smoked bacon wrapped corn

This is an awesome BBQ side dish that goes like crazy. Take your corn and some room temp butter, slather the butter all over i , I prefer to roll it once then take it in your hand and smear it good, its messy but who cares

Season it up well with your favorite seasoning,some good ons'e are Applewood seasoning or Cajun though i make one of my own that I use on chicken and pork that I will eventually have packaged...ya, its that good)

One thing i love , which of course is optional, is a slice of cheese on it (1 1/2 actually) as it wont cover the entire cob but does melt and gets "EVERYWHERE"

this part gets fun and sometimes tricky, wrap the corn with thick cut bacon (not the real thick brick type bacon just your normal pack bacon that says thick cut) this is like three slices per cob (thats why they are soooo damn good "BACON")

when you wrap make sure to start with the bacon over the one end wrapping around it to totally cover it and tuck the opposite end the same way, you'll need something to hold it with and these @Grillpinz are the bomb for this.

Throw them in the grill, smoker or what ever you have for about 45 minutes at 250 or until the bacon is a good golden mahogany color.

They look lighter than they were for some reason...maybe the light

Yummy, spicy, cheesy GOODNESS...Enjoy

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