“Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie”

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Start with the Veggies, take three Jalapeno peppers…don’t worry…the heat basically cooks out and just adds a nice little taste to it.

Then dice them and put them in a bowl large enough for all veggies except potatoes.

slice the peppers real thin lengthwise

Now take two medium onions cut off the ends and peel them

Cut them in 1/4’s as shown, (I like to cheat so I use one of these choppers you can get at any Bed Bath & Beyond for like $15.00, comes with 1/4″ & 1/2″ blade plates) place the onion on it center point down and smash it…that’s the fun part

should look like this when done

Now another easy one…take about a cup of baby carrots.

Slice them in 1/2 lengthwise and cut them about 3/8″ to 1/2″ in length as shown

Now getcha 3 or 4 nice red potatoes (I like more taters in mine so I used 4), scrub’m up good and slice them about 1/2″ thick (not length wise if they are long because that chopper comes out again for’m)

…and here’s that chopper again, center them one slice at a time on the 1/2″ plate and chop away


…and like I said…”I cheat”, getcha-self a cooked chicken from the Super Market like this fat lil’ boy, skin & bone’m

Dice’m up in about 1/2″ pieces (see a pattern forming here)

getcha a big ass pan like this chicken roaster (its a big bitch) and add about 1 to 2 table spoons olive oil on Medium heat

When the oil starts bubblin’ Throw the veggies in and toss around, to this you add 1 tsp. dried Thyme 1 tsp. salt & pepper 2 tsp. Dried sage 2 tsp. Garlic powder, 2 tsp. Onion Powder 1/2 tsp. Cayenne …and simmer on low about 10 minutes until the taters are Al-Dente (however ya spell that, and it means cooked but still firm)

After 10 minutes it’ll look like that…and the smell is “AWESOME”…Sage… Put veggies in a side bowl cuz your gonna need the pan fer suttum else…

heres where it get good, in 2 cups chicken stock add 1 1/2 tsp. Chicken granules (like them chicken cube thingies…but I like the powder better then a cube that never melts)…stir it in with a whisk… carefully…can get messy

Add 4 to 6 tbls. Butter and melt on Med-High…”oh ya”, clean the veggie pan out… ya need it here

ya don’t wanna brown it…just a nice golden color like this, ad another 1/2 tsp. of Cayenne and Salt & pepper here with the 2 cups of chicken stock and start whisking like crazy because its about to get real…real quick.

See the ripple on top…that’s the perfect soupy consistency your looking for, slide a spoon across the top and flip it over…if it coats it evenly and you can still barely see the spoon…”Dat’s da SHIT”

Toss in the Veggies and fold in gently

Then add the Chicken and fold that in as well…note the folding, that’s where ya just scoop from the bottom folding it over and over as not to break up the chicken or taters.

if yer like me ya cook a bit and have 1/2 bags of all kinds of frozen veggies in that fridge that yer wife is always bitching for ya to throw out…well…this is where they come in handy…throw a 1/2 cup each of peas and corn in it…I like the sweet baby peas myself.

and “POOF”…that is one hearty goop… let stand on the back of the stove for about an hour or so (time for bout 4 or 5 beers there or so) for all the flavors to get Happy-Happy…

Fill what ever size oven proof bowl you desire to about a 1/2″ (lot of 1/2″ in this recipe, ya notice that) Makes three big bowls worth, if you use a smaller bowl like 12oz or 14oz bowl you get more especially if you pre-bake a pie crust in them…may get like 6 or 8 bowls…not me though…”I’m hungry”

I’m trying something new with these ones…little layer of four-cheese Mexican mix on top…then the Puff Pastry on that…Yumm…we shall see.

Coat the sides of the bowl at the top edge with beaten egg

get something sized about a 1/2″ larger (again with the 1/2″) all around than the bowl and cut your puff pastry top for the bowl (use the remaining pastry pieces to make a piece-meal top for the for one of the bowls, they don’t have to be pretty after all…just tasty

Place puff pastry on the bowl lightly pressing the over lapping edges to the sides of the bowl to secure and lightly egg sides and top of puff pastry as shown

Place them in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 35 minutes (little longer if desired darker, bet 35 minutes is basically perfect)

And this is what you get after 35 minutes…perfect golden brown and “Puffy”


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