“Ultimate gooey Breakfast cups”

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

These yummy little hang-over munchie bitches take a little time but they are worth it as theres not much to them…

take a single slice of ham steak or what ever else ya got in the fridge (works with left over anything, steak, chicken, etc.) and slice into strips

then slice them into strips

then dice them up into little bits

grate up two or three potatoes

grate in 1/2 or a whole onion…your preference

seasoning is simple as well, I use a nice sprinkle of Montreal Steak seasoning as it has everything ya need and gives a nice little peppery bite

grab a big handful of the mix and squeez out the water…ya, theres a lot in them taters

squeeze them good like this to get it all

now mix in all them little bits of ham

spray up a non-stick muffin pan cuz these bitches will stick if you dont, learned that the hard way cuz they make a mess in the end if ya dont…and put a little blop of the mix in each cup and form a bowl out of them thats big enough to hold an egg

Throw them in the grill or just bake (if ya want to heat up the house that is) the cups at 375-400 degrees for 20 minutes, When i cook it usually what ever crap is in the fridge…so I diced up some spinach and dropped that in

crack in an egg and top it with cheese of your choise…I would have used shredded 4 cheese but we had taco’s and used it all up so I sliced on some swiss which was fine

bake for ten more minutes…they puff a bit but its fine

and EAT

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